Retro Big Pocket Cargo Pants

SKU: TW2101157-khaki-S
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Size Chart:
Size Pants Length West Hip thigh-Width Hem
S 100 74 110 65 29
M  102 77 113 66.5 30
102 80 116 68 31

Product description:
The hem is designed to be squeezed, and the silhouette can be adjusted by adjusting the overall balance and matching shoes.
With a large pocket on the side, the item has a taste that will not forget the original military feel of cargo pants.
The trend, ease of wearing, ease of use, and cost performance make it a recommended item.
Uses a light and easy-to-wear cotton material.
You can use it without season because it has a moderate thickness.
By washing it, you will gradually become familiar with it, and you can enjoy the unique texture of the fabric.
97.4% cotton 2.6% polyurethane