Smartphone Pouch Mini Shoulder Bag

SKU: TW2101149-Black
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A smartphone shoulder bag with a moist texture of high-quality leather and a pleasant scent of genuine leather
Your own original bag that you can enjoy the texture and luster that the taste increases as you use it.
Minimal luggage is compact.
You can carry smart phones, IC cards, coins, etc. that are indispensable to your life smartly.
It's small enough to hang on your shoulder or neck, so it fits comfortably in your bag.
It is also recommended as a gift.
Plant tannin tanning
Collagen fibers in animal skin are refined and purified, and these fibers are treated with a tanning agent to fix and fix them. If necessary, dye and greasy to make it soft. In order to add durability and fashionability, the surface of the leather is painted.