Oil Wax Canvas Hand bag

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Retro Wax Oil Bag
Size Height 37CM, width 33.5CM
Color カーキ
How to close magnetic force
Material CANVAS Soaking the canvas fabric in water during useお勧めしません。損傷を避けるために水で洗わないでください。

Minor stains can be scrubbed with the recipe and then dried.
It usually needs to be kept dry and can be waxed regularly for maintenance.
In addition to the retro canvas, there are also military prints using World War II font styles.
The canvas is waterproof so you don't have to worry about spilling rain or coffee and getting the contents of your bag wet.
Magnet instead of traditional zipper.ールBecause it is used as, it is convenient and quick.
There is also a magnet to secure it to the seal.