Men's P44 Military Shorts

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Size Chart:

Size Pants Length Waist Hip Hem
S 47 70 108 55
M  49 75 113 57
51 80 118 59
XL 53 85 123 61
2XL 55 90 128 63

Product Description:
The origin of cargo pants is the work clothes of unnamed workers. It is said that its history began when it was used as workwear for workers working on cargo ships and ports.
Since the time of the Pacific War (1940s), it has been diverted as military pants and has become more military in color.
It is said that the base of the current cargo pants is the "M-42 Paratrooper Pants" adopted by the US military in 1942. After that, it was adopted in England, France, Italy, Germany, etc., and there are so many fans who are deeply rooted in the pants of each country.
Military cargo pants with slightly different characteristics depending on the age. Among them, "P-44" monkey pants are a popular standard model.

USMC P44 Military pants as a base and improved
At the beginning of early summer
Launched this improved P44 military style shorts