Men PU Leather Bracelet

SKU: 1807240-Primary Color
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Product Description:
Using high quality Italian leather.
Cowhide bracelets handmade by craftsmen one by one.
Uses leather with a width of about 17 mm.
It is an item that you can enjoy aging by continuing to use it with a solid structure.
It is handmade by craftsmen.
Even with the same model, the difference in color and pattern makes you feel the attachment of only one.
It is also recommended as a gift .


It is characterized by stubbornly following the old-fashioned tanning process.
For tanning, do not use harmful chemicals, use mimosa taken from resin, and take time and effort to tan.
In addition, the craftsmen also have experts in each process, and attach great importance to "one-time effort" that cannot be imitated elsewhere.
While preserving tradition, we continue to pursue quality to maintain quality, aiming to create the best products.